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Alessandro Colò

2011 - RAAM is one of the sport events, among the endurance competitions, worldwide regarded with most respect for its toughness. It also has the largest duration in the world. It’s a cycle race, where participants must cover a distance of 3000 miles, running across the U.S.A. from the west to the east coast, passing over the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. 11 days on the cycle with almost no stop. Tech Italy has supported the racing of Alessandro Colò, the “iron cyclist”, as many journalists have nicknamed him. Colò has taken part to the contest and finished 1st for his category (50_59) and first among all Italian participants

2012 – For the 4th time Colò takes part to the RAO (Race Across Oregon). Tech Italy continues to follow and to encourage the deeds of this sensational athlete, who has been extremely successful, first in his category and third overall in an exhausting competition. A large part of the competitors have in fact given up throughout the difficult itinerary in the same State. Colò was named 2012 athlete of Latium in the meeting held on September 25th at the “Palazzetto dello Sport” in Rome

Alessandro Colò - Servizio La7 Sport
RAAM - Race Across America