Post production

Tech Italy has been active for many years in TV post production, and has made a name for itself as a pole specialized in highly rated projects, both technically and artistically.

It provides means and people capable of transforming ideas and concepts into video films, with the maximum commitment for details, thus making our audiovisuals products highly competitive.

Tech Italy provides digital editing services, carried out with machineries always in line with the latest technical standards. Our company develops first class technical solutions, and invests in the planning of new formats as well. The increasing requirements in the field are therefore fully met, in terms of accuracy and proficiency on one side, and innovation and the finest adaptability to the market changes, on the other side.

Our aim is in fact to satisfy our clients’ needs, and to find the most effective solution in any circumstances.

The long lasting experience of Tech Italy in the production of TV programs, magazines, web entertainment and multimedia is the key factor in the post production phase, ranging from the acquisition of the images to text accuracy, from authoring to the graphic project, from dubbing to the final implementation of the product